His reference to Lucy is mirrored within his relationship with this lady upcoming equivalent

His reference to Lucy is mirrored within his relationship with this lady upcoming equivalent

Natsu, themselves, has stated he usually seems relaxed around Lucy due to the woman odor because of the close relationships he shared with Lucy’s predecessor, Anna, when he was a young child, detailing that they smell alike

Whenever Natsu is actually struggling with motion ailment immediately following taking stuck to your a great raft, Lucy dived and you may took hold of him securely as they went more than an effective waterfall, promising not to laid off. Natsu will get mad and criminal and if Lucy might have been harm, like whenever Gajeel ended up being torturing the girl. He once threatened a protector toward Edolas which he create shed them all so you’re able to ash once they was to damage Lucy. Upon enjoying Lucy’s upcoming care about rating slain by the Upcoming Rogue, Natsu broke down inside rips and you may furiously assaulted Upcoming Rogue, screaming which he has had one thing precious off him. As he and Lucy confronted with August, the guy protected the girl from just one away from their attacks shortly after he became intense on account of Mest’s steps. Whenever Natsu had gone out to endeavor Zeref by himself Lucy are rather concerned and you may turned distraught as he had dropped involuntary on their return, begging Brandish, an adversary, to store him. When she woke right up immediately following Natsu had transformed into Elizabeth.Letter.D, she quickly sought out selecting your once you understand she must offer him in order to his sensory faculties. Up on hearing you to Natsu do perish if Zeref were to die, she made a decision to write the book out of Age.N.D so you can undo this union, inflicting high soreness onto herself. Within one point, in this processes, she undid the new fatal blow one to Zeref had inflicted towards the Natsu and you can conserved his existence. That have effectively rewrote the publication, and you will Natsu got returned victorious of their fight with Zeref, she turned into inconsolable when he mysteriously gone away.


Might carry out their very best to keep one another whether your condition calls for they

Natsu was connected to Lucy and you may does their better to build their happier. It was said from the Happier one to Natsu cried at the idea out-of Lucy making Fairy Tail after the occurrences into the Phantom Lord guild. Of course he has got getting distressed, or angered, Lucy enjoys often calmed your off, such as for example for the Edolas whenever she hugged him regarding about shortly after he saw the thing that was taking place on the guild friends. Pursuing the his fight against the water Dragon Goodness, Natsu became ate by Ignia’s flame and ready to damage everything you prior to Lucy hugged your and you will confident Natsu one everything is okay and you may she’s right here to own your. Whenever Lucy was ill and you may couldn’t time into Magnolia Town’s Bloom-enjoying, Natsu uprooted among the trees and you will put out it towards the a good ship just for their observe. Once reuniting that have Lucy, the guy learned that she got attempted to keep track of all the person in Fairy Tail and you will felt like he’d assist the woman fix the newest guild. He saw Upcoming Lucy being the exact same given that their Lucy and therefore resulted in Natsu thinking the girl implicitly and you may comforting this lady whenever she doubted this lady steps to try to undo this new disaster she educated. As he dropped involuntary once being impaled within his fight King Animus, Natsu notion of Lucy fondly, together holding his give because they were investigating Magnolia in advance of she turns around to look on your. That it differed to how he appreciated their almost every other guild mates, alternatively only remembering every one of them for the guild hall. Later, after his victory over Animus being problems by their power, the guy asked Lucy just how the guy looks, in hopes you to definitely she however sees your just like the Natsu, and you may immediately after being comfortable by the her conditions, decrease toward her hands.


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